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Does Construction Stop in the Winter?

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With winter in full swing, most Minnesotans spend their working hours hunkered down in their offices, deeply thankful that they need not confront our famous subzero temperatures. However, this isn’t how it works in the construction industry! With the proper supervision, safety measures, training, and equipment, construction project management companies can keep their teams going strong on projects throughout the colder months.

Below, Miller Architects and Builders, a Saint Cloud construction management company, explains what some commercial contractors do to keep work efficient, safe, and high quality in less-than-ideal temperatures.

Being Safe Creates Efficiency

Good commercial construction firms like Miller invest in good construction managers. These construction managers know that the best way to get work done efficiently is to be safe about it. Accidents can not only send work screeching to a halt, but they also can break equipment, which results in extra money paid and a major wrench thrown into any construction plans. Being safe avoids these accidents and is one of the best ways to foster an efficient and well-managed construction site.

What does being safe entail?

●        Properly defrosting the ground. Of course, a ground that is frozen solid is difficult to penetrate with any sort of construction machinery. Trying to do so can theoretically result in damage to those machines, overuse, and accidents, as working against frozen ground requires much more force than the alternative. Safe construction managers will order teams to accordingly defrost the ground via heated blankets or underground hoses before the appropriate work commences.

●        Making sure workers are taken care of. Hypothermia and frostbite are, unfortunately, real risks in our harsh climate. Construction managers are advised to make sure their teams are properly bundled up at all times to prevent efficiency-reducing accidents. Providing a warm place for these workers to take their regulated breaks is also advisable.

●        Keeping an eye on the weather. Snow removal is an important part of keeping workers safe and for keeping machinery working right. Good construction managers will plan ahead and have procedures in place for winter weather cleanup to create a safe, efficient workplace. Snow accidents are nothing to sneeze at!

Looking for a Safe, Efficient Construction Management Company? You’ve Found Us!

At Miller Architects and Builders, we know safety and efficiency. After all, we just told you all about it. Get in touch with a construction company who works safely all year round and give us a call today at 320-251-4109.