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5 Reasons the Design-Build Process = High Quality

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The design-build method is a process in which one company works utilizing a single contract with the owner. This design-build team works to provide comprehensive construction and design services. Because only one entity is working on the contract, there is a single unified workflow that encompasses every element of the project from the initial concept through its completion. When considering a company and their process for your next project, below are five reasons why the design-build process equates to high quality.

  1. Save time

With the design-build process, the bid element is completely removed from the equation. This means that the builder can get started months earlier — in some instances, this time frame could be as much as three to five months.

  1. Full responsibility

Because this method of construction means that only one company is overseeing the entire process from start to finish, the owner knows who to turn to when they have questions or concerns. Unlike when multiple contractors are at work on a single project, and it might not be clear to the owner who has responsibility for a particular aspect of it, these lines are very evident.

  1. Always professional

In order to oversee the process and keep the project organized, a project manager is assigned to it. This is the owner’s contact person. In fact, this project manager reports directly to you when it comes to every aspect of the project. There is no wasted time due to multiple contacts within different companies and the shrugging off of responsibility. If you have a question, simply seek out your project manager for all the answers.

  1. Save money

While saving money shouldn’t be the primary factor in choosing a contractor for your new project, it is, of course, still important to consider. Because the added mark-ups involved with different companies and contractors are eliminated by using the design-build model, you can expect to see cost savings.

  1. Financial management

Different kinds of projects open themselves up to different types and levels of finance. Working with an experienced design-build firm like Miller Architects & Builders with extensive connections within the St. Cloud area and across Minnesota allows you to take advantage of financial options that might not otherwise be available. Contact your project manager for guidance in securing this type of financial flexibility.

At Miller Architects & Builders, we’ve been using the design-build method because it delivers a better experience and value for our customers. Contact us today!