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3 Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Senior Living Facility

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You’ve been rolling the idea of adding on or renovating in your head for some time now, weighing the options and recalculating budgets. Of course, it simply may not be feasible right now, given current circumstances, to do an entire move, but adding on or renovating? That’s a different story.

At Miller Architects & Builders, our commercial construction pros know that every business will find its own indications that it’s time to relocate. Every team works differently, and so every team is likewise affected differently by an ill-fitting building.

We’d be happy to consult with you to determine if your current structure is a fit. As an assisted living construction company, we’ve also worked in the industry long enough to have learned to recognize some near-universal signs that it’s time to add on.

1. You’re Getting More Business Than You Can Take On

If you’re constantly getting calls about new clients, but have to turn them down due to lack of rooms, well, you must be doing something right!

Adding onto your current senior living facility can help you maximize the benefits of your obvious good reputation. You’ll stay in one place, after all, and your residents and their loved ones can enjoy all the same amenities they are used to, plus the additional ones an add-on will bring.

2. Your Team Is Stressed Out

Your hardworking staff deserve more than just a pat on the back, especially given their extra efforts to promote biosecurity during this trying time. They deserve a physically streamlined work environment with enough space to take their breaks in peace.

If your staff are looking more worn-out than usual, or you feel as though what you’re asking of them is being accomplished in too long of a timeframe, it could be time to add on to your current facility and give them the resources they need to keep working hard.

3. You’re Not Getting Enough Business

Then there’s the opposite of what we’ve spoken about above: Adding on or renovating can also be a remedy for senior living facilities that aren’t getting enough business.

Your lack of incoming clients can be due to a number of things. Many industries are especially volatile due to the Coronavirus, for example. However, an addition/renovation serves as its own advertising campaign, because it sets your senior living facility above and beyond its neighbors – especially if it gives your facility something concrete that others don’t have.

Plug your strict safety measures on your public announcement of your addition/renovation, and you’re all ready for an influx of clientele!

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