If you’re looking to invest in a brand new worship building, you no doubt want something that will allow the people inside to deepen their spirituality and investigate their relationship with their religion. Indeed, the atmosphere in which a person worships can have a drastic effect on the productivity of their practice. Perhaps you, in your own spiritual journey, have experienced firsthand the effects of a poorly-designed worship building, hence your determination to never provide that sort of environment for others.

You have a noble goal indeed, and Miller Architects and Builders of Saint Cloud wants to be with you every step of the way. We have extensive experience with both the architectural design and the construction project management of religious buildings across Minnesota, and we’d be privileged to combine our knowledge with your devotion to your faith to create a brand new place of worship.

We display some of this knowledge for your benefit below in answering the question of what makes a great worship building.

All Faiths and Congregations are Different

As we all know, there are a variety of different religions that might seek a customized worship building. Inside each of those religions, each congregation is unique in its atmosphere and exact method of worship. What makes a great worship building is architects that understand the individual needs of the congregation of the particular client and a great construction management company that can follow those plans to the blueprint, while also thinking critically about them.

If you want to make sure your new worship building turns out perfectly suited for your congregation’s needs, it all starts on your end with asking the right questions.

●        Is my congregation contemporary or traditional? Of course, your group might also fall somewhere in the middle of the two. The answer to this question will help to dictate what vibe your architectural design will go for.

●        How many people will the worship rooms need to accommodate at once? In other words, is your congregation composed of a hundred people or only a few? This helps to show your architect where to prioritize space.

●        What are the rooms or facets that must appear in my architectural design in order for me to be happy with the result? Client satisfaction is of top priority to many construction companies, including Miller, but we can’t make you happy if we don’t know your must-haves!

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