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How to Reduce Waste During Construction

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With going green becoming more popular than ever, it’s no wonder commercial contractors are taking huge steps to clean up their construction process. One area of notable concern: construction waste. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the USA  alone generated 600 million tons of waste thanks to commercial construction and demolition activities, which it reports is more than double the amount of estimated waste categorized as municipal.

What can be done about this weighty problem? Miller Architects & Builders has a few answers below. Read on for a few practical tips on how to reduce waste during the commercial construction process.

Planning Makes Perfect

The more thoroughly construction project managers plan out a build, the fewer mistakes will be made. The fewer mistakes that are made, the fewer materials will be needed to remedy those mistakes. Of course, in commercial construction, one must be able to roll with the punches, so to speak—but as many things should be accounted for and controlled as possible.

Care should also be taken during the construction process to minimize change orders. Though these cannot be planned for, the commercial contractor should go to great lengths to ensure that the client is satisfied with the build far before machinery ever breaks ground. “Measure twice, cut once,” as the old saying goes!

Consider Reusing

“Raw construction and demolition debris can be diverted and used as a resource,” claims Recycling Magazine—and what is a better waste-reducing practice than taking waste and making it something usable? Smart usage of the waste that a commercial construction company cannot avoid generating can, according to the same source, create job opportunities too, which can be a windfall for local economies.

Reusing also stops waste from going to landfills, which have finite space in the first place.

Worker Welfare Is Paramount

Nobody works their best when they are tired, hungry, hot, cold, etcetera. When workers are not properly cared for, mistakes are more likely to happen—and we already know why those can be costly in terms of material waste. Adhering to OSHA requirements is, of course, critical, as they are both the law and exist for a reason, but a good construction management company will also go above and beyond in this respect.

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