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Why Your Architectural Design and Construction Teams Should Synergize

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When it comes to completing a project, architectural design is just as important as construction – and vice versa. After all, a construction company can’t build something to a client’s exact specifications without knowing what those specifications are, and an architect can’t see a building design to completion without a team of construction workers.

With a design-based skill set and clear instructions in the form of blueprints, a good architect makes it straightforward for a construction management company to get to work. Are your architectural designer and commercial contractor synergizing? Here’s why they should.

Two Skill Sets, One Purpose

An architectural design firm designs buildings, while a commercial contractor sees them to completion. While they have very different responsibilities, architects and builders must work closely together in order to keep projects on track. The two parties should understand their roles and know where their specializations lie, but also be willing to offer new perspectives when called for.

Signs of a properly synergized architectural design and construction management team include:

●        Open communication. Because these teams specialize in different things but share a common goal, communication is essential. Your construction management company and architect should consult with one another when needed – proactively at best.

●        Flexibility. Ensuring a building complies with codes is often part of a construction management company’s job. If a problem arises with the design not meeting codes, it’s important for your architect to be willing to compromise. Likewise, a construction management company might need to negotiate contractual agreements with an architect.

●        Client-focused approach to business. At the end of the day, both your construction management company and your architectural design team must keep in mind their shared objective: serving you. Only then will things ultimately go harmoniously.

Looking for the Best Commercial Construction Company Around?

At Miller Architects & Builders, our mission is to produce high-quality projects with our architectural design services and construction services. Our extensive portfolio of completed projects in a multitude of industries shows how we’re leading the industry in successful design-build services. We would be thrilled to see your next project from start to finish! Give us a call now at 320-251-4109.