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Why You Should Build Instead of Buy

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If you’re contemplating a new building for your company—whether it be for retail, health care, manufacturing, office space or municipal purposes—your best option is to build a new facility instead of leasing or buying an existing space.

Why? Because when you build a new commercial space, you get exactly what you want, plus the added bonus of having warranties on your new facility so you’re better able to anticipate deferred maintenance costs for years to come.

Commercial construction companies, such as Miller Architects and Builders in St. Cloud, offer a variety of construction services that make designing and building your perfect commercial facility a seamless process.

Customize the Building to Fit Your Company’s Needs

Building a brand-new facility gives you the freedom to choose the size, floor plan, features, and location of your future space. It also provides the opportunity for you to include new smart technology and sustainable features into your building, which could help save you money and propel your company into the future.

Miller Architects and Builders offers architectural design services that give you control over how your new facility looks. We’ll sit down with you to learn about the design and functionality needs of your future space, so the facility can grow with your company for years to come.

Hiring a commercial construction company will allow you to get precisely what you want, which is not possible if you buy or lease an existing space.

It Makes Your Company Look Good

There are other, less obvious, advantages to new commercial construction. Keeping your facility up to date and relevant will benefit your employees—more space and updated workspaces often boosts morale and employee happiness—but it also looks good to your potential clients or customers.

Building a new facility will give your company a fresh new look and is a sign of growth and stability for your company. Plus, new construction will give you plenty of PR opportunities for your company, from the construction jobs the project creates to the new features your facility offers that will help those who use your services.

There are Financial Benefits, Too…

Another benefit of constructing your own commercial building is doing so allows you to build equity over time. This equity can be used as collateral in the future to expand your business, pay for any building expenses, or even help fund your retirement.

New construction may also make you eligible for some tax breaks, especially if your investment results in the creation of jobs.

Contact Us Today

Miller Architects and Builders combines strategic planning, problem solving, and vision to design and build your new facility. We offer a variety of architectural design and design-build services, as well as construction project management services, so we’ll be with you from the start to finish of the project. To learn more about all of our services, contact us at 320-251-4109.