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Why Modular Construction Is Trending

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Modular construction, or where a building is created off-site in pieces then shipped to and assembled at the final destination, is an increasingly popular way to go about commercial construction.

And it’s not just commercial contractors who are seeing the benefits; clients, too, appreciate how this construction method streamlines the process and delivers them the results they’ve always dreamed of.

But what exactly makes modular construction so special? Miller Architects & Builders, your Saint Cloud providers of architectural design services and more, is here to explain.

Let’s discover just what has made this method so popular!

A Commercial Construction Technique With Speed

In traditional construction, a building is assembled with materials shipped to the site. While different parts of the building can be worked on at once, timelines are often quite interwoven, meaning that the completion of one part of the build relies on the timely completion of another.

The foundation, for example, must be poured before the building on top of it can begin.

Modular construction streamlines this process. Each piece of the build is a self-contained unit that’s constructed simultaneously with site work, resulting in fast turnaround times. According to the Modular Building Institute, “projects can be completed 30% to 50% sooner than traditional construction.”

On top of all that, the Institute also cites that weather delays are mitigated during this process, given that most of the construction takes place inside.

A Commercial Construction Technique That Is Comfortable for Workers

Working outside isn’t easy; just ask any commercial construction worker, and they’ll tell you all about it! Modular construction, however, allows employees a comfortable, indoor environment in which they can put their best foot forward, which leads to a better product.

Plus, certain types of modular construction can drastically reduce the number of tradespeople required to be on the building site, which can improve health and safety, according to TWI, an engineering consultancy company.

A Green Commercial Construction Technique

Building Green cites a whopping thirteen potential sustainability benefits for a form of modular construction! Indeed, from factories providing a better energy-regulation situation to cutting down on transportation requirements, modular construction, when used correctly and conscientiously, can help those looking to build green realize their dreams.

Miller Architects & Builders: Real Experience, Real Results

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