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What We Do at Miller

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When you take a look at our homepage, the purpose of Miller Architects and Builders might seem quite straightforward: we do commercial construction. In other words, we build buildings. While that may be part of what we do, to think that it’s our sole area of expertise is incorrect. We aren’t one-trick ponies. Moreover, “building buildings” requires countless areas of knowledge, from a deep understanding of the pre-construction process to doing the actual commercial contractor work to taking care of post-construction management. In short, a lot more goes into our work than might first meet the eye, and a lot of it takes place before and after the actual “building buildings” part.

Unlike many other construction companies, though, we specialize in versatility. We don’t just handle one part of the construction process. We can see you through from start to finish. Curious about all the different disciplines that go into this approach? We explain our methodologies below.

Construction is Nuanced, and it Happens in Stages

You must first understand that a lot more goes into construction than simply showing up at an empty plot of land and setting up shop to fully understand the value of a versatile company. Great architecture and building can’t happen without great planning and great design.  At Miller, we also strive to offer:

●        Top-notch architectural design services | We don’t just handle the heavy lifting; we handle the planning too! Architects create blueprints that dictate everything from your building’s structural soundness to how appealing it will look to the passerby. Great commercial construction hinges in part on the smart planning of an architect.

●        Talented pre-construction planning teams | If we didn’t thoroughly assess your needs, we’d have no idea how to construct a building to suit them. That’s why we devote industry professionals to sitting down with you and having deep conversations regarding your business methodologies and what problems your current structure now poses to them.

●        Detail-focused sustainable design solutions | When it comes to both architecture and commercial construction management, not all companies are skilled in creating sustainable buildings. Luckily for you, Miller is. If preserving the environment is a priority for you, just bring this up to us, and we’ll be ready to create a design that suits your eco-conscious values.

Contact Miller Architects and Builders for Comprehensive Construction Services

We’re here for you, no matter which of our services you may need. Give our Saint Cloud office a call now at 320-251-4109.