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What to Expect After Construction is Complete

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Your build from Miller Architects & Builders is complete! Congratulations! If our previous work as a commercial contractor is anything to go by, you no doubt have a facility that fits your team’s energy and needs like a glove. Enjoy doing business in a seamless and logistically streamlined fashion. We just know you’ll love your new space!

You’ll love your new space so much that you want to learn how to take care of it ASAP, hence why you’re reading this blog post. At Miller Architects & Builders, we’re committed to being there from the blueprint stage to building, in addition to the post-construction process. While inside the commercial construction industry, being a post-construction company means something specific, we felt that some general what-to-expect tips were a necessity for all of our clients.

Commercial Building Post-Construction Care: The Basics

If you’ve never owned a commercial building before, rest easy: lots of things (but not all!) are the same as they are for a house. From roofing to gutter-cleaning, your commercial building will need similar tending to as far as its exterior facets go. However, because it is newly constructed, it will require additional finishing touches, care, and assessments as the months go by to make sure everything is working in tip-top shape.

●        Seasonal testing is a must | It might not be feasible to test certain facets of your building’s construction in the season it was erected. For example, it might not be prudent to test the AC system in the middle of winter—could you imagine how cold things would get? Your post-construction management company should work with you to ensure this item on your building’s maintenance list is taken care of, so everything is running as it should be.

●        Prepare for a little bit of paperwork | From documents stating formally that a building is complete to files from the architectural design team, you should be expecting a bit of paperwork during this time, though what exactly this looks like depends on which construction management company you worked with.

●        Expect a follow-up meeting | Your commercial contractor shouldn’t just vanish after their physical work is done. As an important part of the post-construction process, they should endeavor to set up a meeting in which your satisfaction is ensured, and any issues are taken care of.

Miller Architects & Builders is Here to Create the Build of Your Dreams

For all you proactive readers, we’d love to be your commercial contractor of choice—and with our packed-to-the-brim construction management portfolio, we think you’d be quite happy with it too. Give our Saint Cloud office a call today at 320-251-4109.