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Tips for an Efficient Construction Project

In this day and age, the old adage that time is money holds true, especially when it comes to commercial construction. However, many companies will tell you that construction projects always will take longer than you, the client, expect them to. While it’s impossible to account for all possible unplanned variables when it comes to construction management, we at Miller Architects and Builders generally disagree with this statement. We believe that, within reason, a construction management company and provider of architectural design services should always be able to provide you with an accurate timeline for your construction project—that’s what you pay them for, after all!

However, this doesn’t mean that we think providing an accurate timeline is easy. It requires a deep knowledge of every working facet that goes into commercial construction, from the weather to the client’s desires to the competence and tact of the workers themselves. While, as a commercial contractor, we have mastered providing timelines to our customers, there are still things that you, as a client, can do to ensure speedy and cost-efficient completion of your project.

First and Foremost, Go In Knowing What you Want

We don’t mean you need to come to us with an architect’s blueprints or a detailed construction plan! We simply mean that you, as a business owner, should have a general idea of what you’re looking for in a brand new building, and what problems you want it to solve. Ask yourself what improvements you’d like to see in your current space and crystallize them into features you want in your new one. This will help guide your construction company as they make your vision a reality and prevent any miscommunications, which can cost extra time.

In addition to this, you can:

●        Limit how frequently you change your mind | Doing so too often can cost time and money. Try to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your building’s design before launching into construction.

●        Go with a multi-specialized company like Miller | For example, if your company specializes in both architectural design and construction management, communication between staff becomes much more efficient, which saves you time.

●        Mind the seasonal weather | If weather deems working unsafe for workers, it’s only ethical to delay the project. Consider building when the climate is the most predictable for your region.

An Experienced Company Like Miller Helps Save You Time and Money

One of the most important things that you can do to get your project done on time and economically is to hire a company with a history of doing both. At Miller Architects and Builders, our long history speaks to years of jobs well done, and we’d be happy to attend to your construction needs. Give our Saint Cloud office a call now at 320-251-4109.