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Pros and Cons of Asphalt Roofing for Your Commercial Build

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Previously on our commercial construction blog, we touched on a few types of roofing you might find on new-age industrial and retail buildings. One roofing type that straddles the line between commercial and residential, though, is asphalt.

Though it’s much loved in American suburbia and beyond, businesses everywhere are beginning to take advantage of it, thanks primarily to its near universal eye appeal—though this roofing type has a whole host of other benefits, too.

Curious if asphalt is the way to go for your new build? Miller Architects & Builders is here to help. Below, we’ll touch on a few good things about this roofing type, as well as other aspects that might suggest you look elsewhere.

Pro: Awesome Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to commercial roofing types, asphalt has done well to shake the utilitarian air that tends to plague other materials of its calibur. In other words: it’s pretty!

Bringing to mind images of residential homes in terms of architectural design, asphalt roofing is amazing at creating a warm, friendly, open atmosphere to welcome clients into. Businesses that are in the service or retail industries or value customer interactions would be wise to look into this material.

Con: Somewhat Costly

The keyword here: somewhat. Asphalt is far from the most expensive roofing type out there, and it’s often rightfully marketed as an affordable residential option.

However, when your business has other extremely cost-effective options, such as EPDM, as viable choices, asphalt can come out more expensive—though it’s well worth the investment, especially if your build is cosmetically focused.

Pro: Durable

According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, this roofing type has a number of strength-based benefits going for it, including low leak potential, weather resistance, and tensile strength. Indeed, when you’re looking for a roofing type that’s as tough as it is gorgeous, your architect or commercial contractor will most likely recommend asphalt.

Con: Some Types Cannot Be Installed Over Flat Roofs

While there are a variety of installation methods available for this versatile material, according to GAF, a leading asphalt roofing company, shingled asphalt can only be installed over sloping roofs. This is because that roofing configuration uses said slope to keep what’s beneath it watertight.

Miller Architects & Builders: Your Well-Informed Commercial Construction Pros

No matter what roofing type you’re considering, we’ll always steer you towards what’s best for your build and business. Give our Saint Cloud office a call today at 320-251-4109.