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LEED Certification and How that Affects the Pre-Construction Phase

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If your business is expanding and you wish to build a new office or factory space in the St. Cloud, MN metro area, Miller Architects and Builders’ design-build team has you covered. We can create a sustainable building using the latest eco-friendly products and procedures. You may wish to consider creating a LEED-certified building, however, this is a decision best made before you begin your pre-construction meetings.

What is a LEED Certified Building?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is an internationally recognized green building rating system. A LEED-certified building will minimize the impact on the environment, both locally and globally, by optimizing both its physical construction and how the property interacts with the local community. For instance, if a factory building is positioned far away from transportation connections, any green construction methods can eventually be counteracted by an increased use of fossil fuels used to transport goods and employees. LEED seeks to create a balance that both supports the planet and industry in an eco-conscious manner. Over the life of the property, this can result in long-term monetary savings and build a positive and responsible reputation for your business.

What Steps are Taken to Create a Sustainable Building?

  • Site selection determines ease of access for goods and supplies, public transportation, bicycles, and even walking
  • Landscaping proposals to reduce water use outside
  • Construction standards that improve the use of natural light, heating, and cooling options
  • Addition of solar, wind, or geothermal power production to offset future energy usage
  • Introduction of LEED technology and minimal water-usage plumbing to lower daily consumption
  • Sourcing sustainable building materials

Working with a LEED Certified Consultant during Pre-Construction Results in a More Efficient Property

As you can see, to reach the highest level of LEED certification, the optimal process begins during pre-construction meetings where a LEED-certified design consultant can conduct surveys and assessments in order to recommend the most efficient procedures and materials needed to achieve the desired results. Miller Architects and Builders will help you find the right property and suggest placement of the future building to best support green technologies and daily use of the facility.

Certify your Repurposed Building Space

The LEED certification process can also be used to improve an existing structure by introducing eco-friendly technologies and ergonomic solutions for the business. Proposed results are always categorized in both immediate return and long-term performance.

For more information how your construction project can benefit from LEED certification, give Miller Architects and Builders a call today to schedule your consultation.