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Is Your Funeral Building Interfering With Your Ability to Provide Great Service?

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Given these unprecedented times, a quiet and respectful place to mourn is needed more than ever, and it’s this space your funeral staff works hard to provide. Each member of your team strives to play their role to the utmost capacity, from the office staff to the directors to the musicians.

But is your building doing its part, too?

Whether or not your funeral home synergizes with your team has a huge effect on how well that team can do its job. If logistics are a challenge, it will be an uphill battle for your employees to even get through the day, and both your staff and those they serve deserve better than that. 

The funeral home construction pros at Miller Architects & Builders are here to help you assess if your current venue is meeting your needs. As a thriving commercial construction company, we’ve served as funeral home design build contractors on many successful projects, and we know how to spot design-related problems in these specific settings.

Every Funeral Home Is Unique

If there’s one thing we’ve seen proven true in all our years of service, it’s this: What works for one funeral home team might not work for another. Just because the funeral home the next town over might have a more open floor plan, for example, doesn’t mean that would work with the private way another home might run things!

When assessing your current commercial construction, it’s up to you to ditch your preconceptions and examine each facet of your building in the context of how your team functions.

Sound complicated? Here are a few questions to get you started.

How is the storage-space situation?

Is everything tucked away in its rightful place, or do you need the strength of three football players just to close a closet? It might be time to move if your necessary equipment has expanded past your building’s capacity.

Are you ready to take on more business?

Every building has an occupancy limit, both in the physical sense and as per fire codes. If your funeral home is ready to take its services to more people in need, it could be time for a move or expansion.

Can your team easily get where they need to go?

Not only is rushing around unprofessional at a funeral, it leads to more staff stress, thus disabling your employees from providing the careful service needed given their sensitive occupations. It’s time for a move if your employees can’t help but huff and puff as they run between tasks.

Get Top-Notch Architectural Design & Commercial Construction

Our versatility and long history as a construction company are practically unparalleled. If you’re looking to move into the custom-build funeral home you and your staff deserve, give our St. Cloud office a call today at 320-251-4109.