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Is Your Business Growing? Don’t Wait to Expand

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A growing business is a good problem to have, but all the success you’re having comes with questions about whether your current space is large enough.

If your business is running out of space and there’s not enough room for storage, or perhaps it’s difficult for employees to logistically get their jobs done, then it’s time to expand, remodel or build a new facility. If you wait too long, it could hinder any future growth for your company.

Should I remodel, expand, or build new? Each option has its benefits and pitfalls. So we’ll look at each to help you determine what’s best for your business.

  • New commercial construction | Building a new facility allows you to start from scratch — you can choose the location, size, floor plan, and all the features you want. Once the project is completed, the new facility will support your business’ operations for years to come. Plus, a new facility is often seen as a symbol of growth and stability for your business.
  • Expanding your facility | If you choose to add on to your current building, it will give you more space while not really disrupting the daily operation of your business. The new space will allow for modern features without expensive upgrades that may come with just remodeling your building.

There are some drawbacks to expanding your building, however. It’s more expensive than remodeling, and although the new space will allow for new technology and features, the old space may not be equipped for what you need. Expanding can also lead to delays if the commercial contractor comes across unexpected problems, or it could trigger building code requirements, which can be costly to upgrade. You’ll also need to consider if there’s room to expand at your current location, so this may not even be an option for you.

  • Remodeling your current space | Remodeling is a fast process and can be inexpensive. It’s also a very efficient process that allows your business to stay where it is, but also make better use of the space you already have.

Remodeling is typically the fastest and easiest, but it might not be right for you if you need a lot more space — this route typically addresses functional needs but doesn’t add much more space for your business. Much like expanding, remodeling can also lead to unforeseen problems that could lead to delays and extra costs.

If your business is growing and you need more space, Miller Architects and Builders in St. Cloud is here to help. We provide architectural design services and construction services to help you through all the phases of the project, so you’ll get exactly what you want and need from your new business space. Contact us at 320-251-4109.