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How to Build with Occupants in Mind

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Of course, when you hire a commercial contractor, a big priority when it comes to the final product should be you—your wants and your business’s needs. However, it’s also important to take into consideration your occupants’ needs. After all, you’re not the only one who is going to spend time in the new building. Customers will come and go, and many of your employees will be there full-time, which is to say eight hours per day. Worker morale and customer satisfaction, of course, play integral roles in the creation of high profits, so creating a positive environment for these people via your building’s architectural design is essential.

But how are you to cater a building project to a large and varied group of people? The question can be baffling, but Miller Architects and Builders, a construction project management company, has the answers below.

It’s All About Personalization

Good architects know that their craft is an art—and that art evokes an emotion. What emotion your building gives to employees and customers alike will influence the way they remember your space and, therefore, how likely they are to return or to feel good about their jobs.

When you tackle a building project with the help of construction services, one of the best ways is to simply build with the occupants in mind. Consider them equally as you do yourself when you’re proposing construction ideas, and you’ll be much more likely to create positive emotions in both customers and employees alike.

Of course, thinking about your occupants is easy, but knowing what they want is harder. As a business owner, you can begin to figure that out by:

  • Having conversations with your employees. From the part-time worker to the senior executive, everyone has an opinion about where they work. Stopping by for a brief chat about the new building can yield valuable information.
  • Reading online reviews. Customers tend to be blatantly honest online. Paging through what they’re saying can give you insight not only into their concerns, but also to where you employees might be struggling due to logistical reasons.
  • Listening to the professionals. Your construction management company and architect have professional training and often will have their ears to the ground when it comes to the latest innovations. Considering their ideas about what will make occupants happy often will yield the desired effect.

In Need of Communicative Construction Management? Contact Miller Architects and Builders Today

Of course, you can’t give your employees and customers what they need if your construction company won’t listen to you. That’s why you should contact Miller today. We’re a Saint Cloud commercial construction company that prizes communication and dialogue with our clients. Give us a call at 320-251-4693 to get started on the building of your dreams.