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How an Improved Office Design Can Boost Your Business

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Employees spend a lot of time at the office, so creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing enables employees to be more productive and do great work. This will help grow your business and set it up for a successful future.

So if your office space is drab and uninspiring, it may be time for a new office building. A commercial construction company that provides architectural design services, such as Miller Architects and Builders, can work with you to create the perfect space that will fit your brand, increase employee happiness and retention, and meet your growth and expansion needs.

Here are some architectural design ideas that can boost employee productivity:

Effective use of space. An office space that has multi-use areas, collaborative spaces and private meeting rooms helps people move around freely—instead of feeling tied to their desks—and creates more opportunities for collaboration. An architect can help you create these spaces that will work well for your employees and your business. These creative spaces can also be adapted and changed as your needs change.

Include natural elements. Sitting inside an office all day with few natural elements can seriously dampen people’s moods. In fact, a person’s impulse to connect with nature increases productivity, so having an office space with natural materials, plants, rooftop gardens, natural light, and other features can help people feel more relaxed. An architectural design that offers natural elements will also make the workplace more aesthetically pleasing for your employees.

Consider employee wellness. The design and function of an office building impact the wellness of employees. Adding wellness elements in an architectural design can boost productivity, engagement, and loyalty to the company. Such elements will depend on your company’s needs but could include a gym, lounge areas, roof gardens, or jogging paths.

Limit the clutter. A clean office design, where wiring and clutter of the workplace are hidden away within the design of the building, creates a calming aesthetic for employees. This is a key element if you are building a new office with an open concept or flexible office space. These design elements will also help you in the future as your technology and expansion needs change.

More clean air. A new and improved ventilation system circulates more clean air from outside around the office. This limits the sources of volatile organic compounds, such as cleaners, in the air. Circulating more clean air from outside helps improve employee health and productivity, and some studies have shown more air flow can boost decision-making abilities.

These are just some architectural designs that can be included in your new office space. The experts at Miller Architects and Builders in St. Cloud can help create the perfect building for your company’s needs—from design to post construction. Contact us today at 320-251-4109 to find out how we can help you.