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Commercial Construction Trends: The Use of Biofuel

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The commercial construction industry is constantly evolving to suit consumer demands, make a more sustainable future, and do better, more efficient business. One emerging trend that’s accomplishing all three: the use of biofuel.

Though it may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, biofuel is something very pertinent to the present reality. It’s exploded onto the commercial construction scene and become a staple in the working lives of commercial contractors everywhere. Below, Miller Architects & Builders, your preferred Saint Cloud construction project management company, outlines what biofuel is, how it’s used, and how it has shaped the industry.

What Is Biofuel?

Before you understand biofuel’s impact, you of course have to understand what it is. To put it succinctly, biofuel is a broad term that describes organic matter that is converted into fuel. The two most common types are ethanol, which is made from plants, and biodiesel, which is typically made from fats and oils that come from plants.

It’s not always simple or easy to make; The United States Department of Energy states that “Producing advanced biofuels… typically involves a multistep process.” Nonetheless, because these fuels come from organic sources and are therefore renewable, they represent significant advancements towards a greener way of traveling and living—and, of course, of construction.

How Does the Commercial Construction Industry Use Biofuel?

According to Construction Business Owner, an online industry publication, “Most major construction equipment companies have approved and fitted their machinery to use up to a 20 percent biodiesel/80 percent diesel fuel mix (also called B20) without further alterations to the existing diesel engines.” In other words: broadly speaking, the industry has taken happily to this new source of fuel to power its equipment.

Though there are always improvements to be made—such as figuring out how to use a higher concentration of biodiesel in equipment—biofuel is one step in the right direction as far as environmental sustainability goes.

What Are the Broader Industry Impacts?

Green builds and building methods are becoming more and more popular, and commercial construction companies would be wise to take advantage of eco-conscious practices such as biofuel usage to adapt to customer needs. Additionally, with the prices of traditional fuels rising, biofuel opens up new possibilities for locally produced and more affordable alternatives.

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