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All About Color Trends for Commercial Construction

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Color trends aren’t just for makeup or clothes; They play a big role in the commercial construction industry, too. From drawing the eye of customers to making employees feel more at home, the power of hue is real, and you’d be wise to take advantage of it when it comes to your new build.

But what causes a color trend or makes it more likely to happen? How much should you rely on trends to make your new build a success? And finally, how do you know if embracing a given trend is going to end up being the right decision?

Miller Architects & Builders has all the answers to these questions on color and more below.

What Causes Color Trends in Construction?

If any commercial contractor had an on-the-nose answer for that, they’d be rich! Color trends are caused by a variety of factors, each of which being so inseparable in their effects that it’s hard to tease them out from one another.

Historically, color trends have their roots in material availability. Though this isn’t such an issue with modern manufacturing methods, in times where limited pigments were available and transportation wasn’t as quick as it is today, architectural design pros gravitated more towards colors that were easily attainable out of necessity.

Today, it could be said in a sense that color trends are created via a process known as “color forecasting.” Color authorities use everything from pop culture influences to what’s popular in specific industries to understand what consumers and pros will take to next. Architectural Record discusses this process’s various influences.

How Much Should a Build Rely on Trends?

For a deep dive into this question, we recommend our construction project management blog “How to Borrow From Both Classical and Trendy Styles.”

The short version: though trends help attract customers, they may lack staying power, and you’ll need to focus on functionality and your build’s investment potential if you’re to have a space that shines after its trendy portions step out of the limelight.

Is Embracing a Color Trend the Right Decision?

That’s a question for your architect and your construction management company.

Smart professionals in these fields will know your industry’s building trends inside and out, and they’ll be able to tell you what’s good for attracting your current customer base – and what’s likely to go out of style in a few years.

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