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Curley Funeral 10

Curley Funeral Home

Chicago Ridge, IL

The Curley Funeral home is a fourth generation family owned and operated facility who had been renting space from other local funeral homes when families needed their services. They spend quite a bit of time looking at different locations, but ultimately found a furniture store for sale in Chicago Ridge. The location and size were very attractive, and fit their needs. Curley Funeral Home serves the southwest side of Chicago, and its surrounding suburbs.

15,950 sf. existing furniture store converted to funeral home. Exterior renovation included new brick and stucco on two walls, numerous new windows and doors, added better lighting on facade and in parking lot, landscaping; leased parking from neighboring property. Three parlors, gas fireplace and tray ceilings. 300+ chapel can be divided into three visitation rooms. Two merchandising rooms wit ha merchandising display room. Children’s room and multiple offices for staff.

Details: New 40,831 sf. Apartment; 7,232 sf. Attached Garage

Delivery Method: Design/Build