Summer is just around the corner and with the extreme heat oftentimes comes an extreme utility bill. Improve the summer efficiency of your commercial building to cut your costs while you also reduce pollution to our planet.

Utilize A Programmable Thermostat

It is important to keep the building at a reasonable temperature during the summer months of heat. Consider setting your thermostat to 78 degrees and allowing employees to wear clothes more comfortable for hot weather. When no one is utilizing the building, set your thermostat to automatically rise the temperature to 85 degrees so the air conditioning is running much less. You can save up to 3% of energy costs for every degree you raise the thermostat in the summer! If you do not have a programmable thermostat installed in your commercial building, doing so is easy and will quickly pay for itself.

Reduce Direct Sunlight From East And West Facing Windows

The summer sun beats down relentlessly, getting through the glass on your windows and doors to heat the inside of your building. Try to prevent that direct sunlight from hitting the glass by landscaping wisely. Plant shrubs and trees to shade East and West facing windows. If you do have sunlight coming in and cannot alter the exterior landscape, look into window coverings that are wiser than just blinds. suggests solar screens, solar films, and exterior awnings to help.

Improve Lighting Efficiency

Of course, be sure to turn off all lights after hours when the building is not in use. Utilize fluorescent light bulbs which can be 75% more efficient than incandescent counterparts. Adjust lighting to make use of the daylight; too much lighting can actually cause eye strain and headaches for people in the building. You can install Energy Star light bulbs, but also exit signs in your commercial building. Energy Star rated exit signs save up to $10 per sign annually in electricity costs and prevent up to 500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

The energy efficiency of your building has many benefits from cutting your costs to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Improve your commercial building with these tips during the hot summer months!