An owner’s choice of project delivery will influence the final product and results.  When the decision is made to use the design-build process for project implementation, the owner’s selection process becomes the foundation for the project’s success.  Here are some things to consider.

•    The selection of the design/build team should be based on qualifications and demonstrated competence
•    Develop goals and selection criteria for the interview process
•    Review the qualifications and interview key personnel
•    Review and determine the capacity of the design/build team to perform the work
•    Review the design/build team’s project plan (tasks and schedule)
•    Solicit design/build team’s ideas for design, means and methods, sequencing and value

As a manager responsible for design/build team selection I never asked about the price.  It was always my goal to establish a highly collaborative atmosphere for the project with the design/build team becoming a strategic partner in developing the scope, design, innovation, construction means and methods, budgeting and scheduling.
If you are inclined to use price as a criteria, consider limiting the cost based items to design/builder’s fee and anticipated general condition expenses.

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