Winter is in full swing, and heating the office building can be a challenge for many businesses. The inevitable extra heating costs and the possibility of pipe bursts are not something that anyone looks forward to. However, it is important to make sure that your building is fully insulated in order to cut down on these costs. This is just one of the many ways to prepare your office building for the challenges of winter.

Building Insulation

When thinking about insulation, people usually think about windows and doors. Your windows and doors should be insulated in order to keep heat inside your building and save you money, however, many building owners don’t think about getting insulated pipes. Insulated pipes prevent water from freezing. Frozen water can lead to pressure buildups in the pipes and cause them to burst, which is very costly to fix. Insulated pipes also aid in keeping your building warm and your heating costs down.

Sidewalk and Entrance Maintenance

No one likes to slip and fall, but unfortunately, this can become commonplace in the winter. Businesses need to take heed of this by making sure that the entrances and walkways to their buildings are clear from ice and slush. Some falls can lead to serious injuries for employees or clients which businesses are liable for, so it is important to clear sidewalks and put out salt trails after snowstorms. There will also be a lot of slush and snow tracked into your building from people walking in and out. Make sure you have rugs at all your entrances so people can wipe their feet to prevent dirty and slippery surfaces from forming.

Expect the Unexpected

A number of things can happen in the winter; always be aware of the issues that the season brings. Employees may have a harder time getting to work or they may have to be sent home early to travel safely during snowstorms. Winter usually brings on more head colds and bouts of sickness to the office, so there may be more employees calling in sick. Prep the office with tissues, hand sanitizer, and other preventative supplies. City plowing ordinances could alter where guest, clients, and employees have to park. It is important to make sure that your workplace is prepared to handle the number of unexpected situations that can arise during the winter.  

The winter may have just begun, but cold-weather hazards are already among us. Prepare your business for the worst of winter.

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