Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Baxter, MN

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church provides service and ministry to northern Minnesota. They seek to provide others with the compassion, love, and joy of their faith. Miller Architects & Builders were pleased to help Prince of Peace Lutheran Church build a new 8,300 sq. ft. worship facility in Baxter, MN. The sanctuary holds over 200 congregants and houses a multi-purpose lobby, classrooms, offices, and expandable serving kitchen. The new facilities were designed with service and community access in mind with a residential style exterior that reflects the spirit of home and family.

  • Details: 8,300 s.f.
  • Delivery Method: Design/Build

It would be an understatement to say that our members have been uniformly delighted with Miller’s work. From worship sanctuary to offices, classrooms, and fellowship areas, the building fits our current and future needs perfectly. We believe that we received a very high value in return for the expenditure that was made. All of this came as a result of Miller’s thoroughness in the initial planning phase of every aspect of the project. Many good questions were asked of our congregation members, committees, and staff—and their answers and concerns were given thoughtful consideration, reflected in the final building design and its furnishings.

Rev. Kevin D. Robson, Pastor Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

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