Good Shepherd Households
Sauk Rapids, MN

Two, 40-Bed Skilled Care Additions; 82-Bed Full Remodel of Existing Skilled Care. The results of this major remodel and addition at Good Shepherd were multi-fold. Circulation was simplified, departmental functions were separated and clearly defined, and a new resident-centered neighborhood model was implemented. On the resident side, former compartmentalized spaces were opened to each other, creating an openness and flow from space to space. Residential cues were introduced, eliminating the original rigid institutional feel, and by doing so resulted in a change in resident behaviors. Staff efficiency and consistency was greatly increased with the neighborhood model, and design efficiencies shortened travel distances.

A new “Main Street” of active spaces was created as a focal point for residents and their families which include a theatre, coffee shop, general store, library, and gift shop. In addition, offices and functions with constant public contact, such as volunteer, foundation and community partnerships, social services, and medical liaison were moved out of the administration area and into the public spaces.

New rehabilitation and wellness space was created, and tripled the size over existing allowing for the incorporation of new equipment and programs for both residents and staff.

  • 59,397 s.f. New; 67,008 s.f. Existing Remodel
  • Skilled Care done in the “household” model
  • “Main Street” with coffee shop, gift shop, theatre, library, themed lobby, courtyard link with sunroom and outdoor spaces
  • Residental, non-institutional feel with home-like settings
  • Delivery Method: Design/Build
  • P.T./O.T and wellness center
  • Dining and living spaces located in each household, eliminating large institutional spaces

Finding a construction company that understands the needs and expectations of older adults in the construction of a facility, is a huge asset in any building project. Miller Architects & Builders is such a company. The Good Shepherd Community has worked with Miller on many projects with outstanding success!

Bruce Glanzer, President/CEO, The Good Shepherd Community

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