Zarzycki Manor Chapels, LTD
Willow Springs, IL

Zarzycki Manor Chapels, Ltd. is an independent family owned and operated funeral home that has been servicing families of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for four generations. The building of their second location in Willow Springs was highly motivated by the families they serve, as well as, their needs to accommodate the funeral home’s growing business. Together, Zarzycki Manor Chapels, Ltd and Miller Architects & Builders built a stunning 9,000 sf funeral that features a 250 seat chapel with a beautiful masonry exterior accented with copper capped bay windows. A large lounge with a children’s area and lobby with a cozy fireplace, casket selection room, flower delivery room and prep room designed for two stations.

  • Details: 9,000 s.f.
  • Delivery Method: General Contractor

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