Design Build

As new construction schedules and budgets become more demanding, new methods of project delivery are becoming the forefront. Miller Architects and Builders is leading the industry in these advanced delivery methods known as design-build and its many variations. Miller Architects and Builders provides architectural design services integrated with our construction services, so you will know that every key service is orchestrated by a single, trusted source.

What Does This Mean?

Everything from the initial design phase to construction is handled by one entity, meaning there is only one contract involved. This makes for one unified flow of work from the initial concept through project completion. With any design-build project, Miller Architects and Builders holds all responsibility for every aspect of a build, from estimations, architectural designs, pre-construction, subcontracting, construction, and post-construction.  

Aspects of the Design-Build Process

1. Pre-Construction Assessments

This phase is crucial to setting the course for a successful project. Miller Architects and Builders will meet with the project owner to evaluate business and financial assessments so we can learn more about your business and its goals, visions, financial realities, and the facility’s current and future needs.

This is also the time our architects and construction engineers will evaluate the architectural needs, which will need to be integrated with the facility’s mechanical and electrical systems. This assessment includes reviewing any existing floor plans, HVAC plans, fire and smoke preparations, and other structural systems. During this phase, our surveyors will also perform a field assessment of the job site to prepare it for construction.

2. Architectural Design

During our pre-construction phase, our in-house architects will begin the designs that will best capture the client’s values in the project. It’s important to keep in mind that architectural design isn’t simply about appearance. It’s about blending form and function into one cohesive project. By now, our team will have a solid understanding of your business, its financial needs, the project’s schedule, and your architectural and mechanical requirements. This phase is where our design-build services differ vastly from other singular architectural or construction companies.

Throughout the entire design process, our architects will have open communication with our construction professionals, and vice versa, to form a design that balances all facility needs. We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create digital 3D models of the facility to ensure all systems and designs work together seamlessly.

3. Construction

The construction phase will begin immediately after the owner’s approval of the architectural designs. In fact, our team will already have begun readying the job site while the design was still in progress. With the overlapping oversight of the designs and construction under Miller Architects and Builders, we’ll be able to deliver any build that will exceed your schedule expectations. Our construction management team will oversee all specialty subcontractors and material vendors, as well as our in-house architects and builders, to ensure everything meets the same quality standards.

4. Post Construction

Once the design-build project is complete, we will provide a post-construction handoff, which includes thorough walk-throughs and hands-on training for building operations and maintenance staff for proper equipment use and upkeep. Included with this will be instructional documents for future reference.

Benefits of Design-Build Services

  • Seamless Process. Our single-source responsibility for all architectural and construction services means there will be no conflicting recommendations or discrepancies from contractors.
  • Rapid Delivery. Turn impossible timeframes into reality with our design-build services. With Miller Architects and Builders, architectural design and construction happen concurrently, which speeds up schedules.
  • Better Communication. Fewer problems will arise with a design-build team because communication among all parties will be easier and happen more frequently.
  • Better Solutions and Value. With our design-build teams, there is no limit to the solutions and ideas that come to fruition. As ideas come to the table, our teams will work as one to analyze them and ensure the project is receiving the best materials, design, and more.
  • Cost Savings. The efficiency of design-build can greatly reduce construction costs versus if an owner had chosen separate design and construction entities. This is due to the traditionally shorter project schedules as well as the early identification of costs with our concepts as projects progress throughout the design phases.

United From the Beginning

With every project, there is an integrated team ready to work toward success. Our mission is to produce high-quality projects with our architectural design services and construction services. Our extensive portfolio of completed projects in a multitude of industries proves why Miller Architects and Builders is leading the industry in successful design-build services. For more information about our design-build services, contact us at 320-251-4109 today.