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  • Comprehensive: Our abilities range from commercial construction and construction management to architectural design-build services.

Architectural Design in Wisconsin

Planning a construction project is difficult. There are several moving parts, codes that need to be met, commercial contractors that need to be hired, timelines that need to be followed, and so much more.

One thing you can do to make your life easier is to hire an elite architecture firm to create designs that match your vision and work in a timely fashion. At Miller Architects & Builders, we offer the following Wisconsin architectural construction services:

Architectural Designs

If you’re looking for just commercial architectural designs for your upcoming commercial construction project, our architects at Miller Architects & Builders are here to help. We’ll sit down with you to establish your vision for both the interior and exterior of your project before completing the design concepts for your approval. Our in-house architects are second to none and will provide you with your dream design.


If you’re looking for complete commercial construction services, consider our design-build services at Miller Architects & Builders. Instead of just offering designs, we’ll also set you up with an esteemed project manager and get to work establishing a timeline, budget, pre-construction plans, and finishing with the post-construction cleanup. Our in-house architects, builders, and managers are here to help every step of the way to help your project be a success.

Wisconsin Construction Management

Just as complicated as the design side of your project is the construction aspect. When it comes to commercial construction projects, you have to balance hiring subcontractors, ensure everything is on time and budget, and make sure you’re adhering to all local laws.

You can make this task much easier for yourself by hiring a professional and well-established Wisconsin construction management firm. At Miller Architects & Builders, we offer the following Wisconsin construction management services:

At-Risk Construction Management

If you want to control the overall scope of your project but not have to interact with subcontractors and make day-to-day decisions, we recommend at-risk construction management. With this service, we make all the decisions for you while you tell us what you want. Our experts will handle every aspect of your project, so you can focus on other decisions.

Traditional Construction Management

As the owner, if you choose Wisconsin construction management, you’re responsible for all of the major decisions with your project. When you hire a construction management company, like Miller Architects & Builders, our staff will serve in an advisory role and help you make difficult decisions. We’re here to help with anything that comes your way.

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