Iowa Commercial Construction

Looking for an elite group of architects and builders? Since the founding of our Minnesota-based business in 1874, Miller Architects & Builders has been a leader in state-of-the-art architectural design and construction services. And we’ve expanded our reach to the entire Upper Midwest, which includes Iowa!

  • Timely: We take pride in setting a budget and timeline and sticking to it at all costs.
  • Experienced: We have some of the country’s best architects and project managers on staff.
  • Comprehensive: Our abilities range from commercial construction and construction management to architectural design-build services.

Each of our builders and architects is fully licensed and certified, which gives us the unique ability to work on virtually any project. Contact us today to learn more!

Iowa Architectural Design

Preparing for a large commercial construction project is difficult. There are several moving parts, and before anything can truly get started, you need to have state-of-the-art designs that represent your vision, are sustainable, and will be built to last. From there, you need to add a project manager and construction team to go with your architect.

When you come to our team at Miller Architects & Builders, you can relax knowing we have everything you need for your Iowa architectural design project. Our architectural construction services include the following:


Many times, we get requests for just architectural designs, but at the same rate, we also have clients coming in looking for design-build services.

Combined with our elite designs, we’ll assign one of our expert project managers and construction teams to you to bring your idea to life. From design mockups to pre-construction through post-construction, our managers, architects, and builders will be there for you every step of the way.

Architectural Designs

If you come to our team and only need architectural designs, we’ll happily work with you to establish your needs, vision, budget, and timeline before beginning to create your designs. Our in-house architects are trained and certified and will ensure both the interior and exterior design of your commercial building match your vision and are sustainable to last for years and ensure your building is efficient.

Construction Management in Iowa

On top of navigating the complicated world of architecture, you also have to prepare to work with a construction team and all the moving parts that come with a complex commercial building project. At Miller Architects & Builders, our commercial contractors are second to none and will help you manage every aspect of your commercial construction project.

As the owner, you have many responsibilities on your plate, but reaching out to an expert can make your life easier. We offer the following construction management services in Iowa:

At-Risk Management

If you choose the at-risk construction management option, you still have the final say over your entire project since you’re the owner, but we’ll be the point of contact for you and serve as a liaison for you. We’ll hire and handle subcontractors, manage your budget and timeline, and more.

Construction Management

When you choose traditional Iowa construction management, the owner, you, is in charge of all major decisions regarding the project. However, you can make your life easier by hiring a construction management team from Miller Architects & Builders.

In this role, we’ll serve as an advisor and help you make any and all decisions, so you can balance the multi-faceted, complex project in front of you.

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