As Minnesotans, we all know there’s nothing better than the brush of a sunbeam on our skin; it’s in short supply in our cold, Northern climate, after all! When it comes to architectural design services, however, the sun has a bit more practical use. Talented architects would be wise to wield sunlight to their advantage, as it does wonders for both the building’s aesthetics, the environment, and the client’s future energy bills.


Intrigued? Miller Architects and Builders, a Saint Cloud construction management company, sheds some light on the subject below.

Sunlight: Saving the Environment and Boosting Worker Productivity, All While Making the Place Look Amazing

Using natural sunlight in architectural designs…


●        Helps your workers get more done. Studies show a connection between heightened worker productivity levels and exposure to natural sunlight, coupled with a decrease in absences. The National Institute of Health also states that adequate exposure to natural light decreases worker sick days by almost seven percent.

●        Keeps our buildings sustainable. Obviously, the sun generates heat. In the wintertime, a building with good exposure to natural light can use less energy when it comes to heating costs. That same building can also use less overhead lighting in favor of natural light, yet again cutting the amount of energy used. For the ethical, environmentally conscious company, an architectural design that makes good use of sunlight is the only way to go.

●        Cuts down on energy bills. Wintertime heating and year-round artificial lighting systems do more than harm the environment; they also harm a business’s pocketbook. A building that makes good use of natural light while also investing in daylight-sensing overhead lights can save up to 60 percent on energy bills. The investment in a new, greener building will therefore eventually pay for itself!

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