At Miller Architects and Builders, we’re proud to say we’ve been around since 1874, when a German immigrant by the name of Fred H. Miller began a carpentry business to sustain himself after coming to the United States. From there, we’ve grown from a humble one-man show to a thriving, region-wide company with commercial construction experience in everything from worship buildings to senior healthcare. We’ve truly done it all.


What does this long and winding history as a company say about our business philosophy? In the construction project management business, do centuries of operations teach a company anything about business and craft? We’ll explain below.

We’ve Honed our Balanced, Customer-Focused Approach from Centuries of Experience

At Miller, we always put the client first. We consider our architects and construction services as extensions of your business; we understand what a well-designed, customized building means to you (after all, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have been continuously making them for over a century). Our staff is a steady balance of innovative and practical, pushing the boundaries of architectural design while also working to make something that suits your needs.


You won’t find this sort of approach in younger companies. We’re an old hand in the construction management business. We know when to innovate and when a tried-and-true approach might work better. In other words, we’re balanced.


We’re balanced in more ways than our architectural design, however. Our long history has honed this attitude in our other services, including:


●        At-risk construction management. With this type of construction management, we assume all risk for the project’s performance and also gives the client a guaranteed price. We’ve needed to perfect a balanced approach to this aspect of business to keep doing it as long as we have.

●        Building green projects. Inherently, building sustainably requires innovation, but innovation can only go so far before it becomes impractical (and probably not very environmentally friendly). The fact that we can even begin to practice this method of building shows an understanding of balance that can only come from a long history.

●        Architectural design services. At Miller, we balance client desires and a talented team of architects that pushes the boundaries of the craft. This balanced combination allows us to create something your business can truly be proud to call its own.

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