The population of seniors (those over 65) is set to double in the next two decades, while the aging population is expecting more customized living spaces that fit their level of mobility and vivacity.

Senior living facilities are responding to trends that show greater consideration for the environment, the facility’s caregivers, and the residents’ wishes for late-in-life living facilities.

Amenities for Staff

The caregivers and staff in these facilities are the people who make them successful. Now, designers are adding more spaces designed for their comfort, like larger break rooms with great windows and access to the outdoors.

LEED-certified Buildings and Environmental Considerations

As adults value sustainability and LEED-certifications more and more, it will be increasingly important that Senior facilities are environmentally responsible in their building materials, their lighting and interior materials, their lawn maintenance, and their waste and recycling processes, among other factors.

Larger Rooms

Assisted living apartments are being built with more square footage – making these spaces feel like homey, quality apartments but with an added level of caregiving.

Urban Settings

Not all seniors want to live in the countryside with a babbling brook. Some seniors love the city life and are looking for urban settings – not only to stay close to the action, but to be near family, friends, and all that the city has to offer.

Integrated Community Amenities

More and more, senior care facilities are the hub in a wheel of service-based businesses and walkable amenities, including on-location (or nearby) salons, fitness centers, shops, and coffee houses.

Partnerships with the Community

Senior living communities are doing more to collaborate with the cultural organizations in their community. Whether it’s a partnership with the local library, visiting speakers on financial planning, or performances by local college groups, the residents have a fuller experience and feel more connected to the greater community.

Whether urban or suburban, Senior Living Facilities are changing just as the generations they serve are demanding more. Contact the professionals at Miller Architects for more information.