Architectural design is like any industry – certain styles last forever, while others come and go in mass popularity, though they may be appreciated in a personalized build forever.

Both traditional and modern styles are important to maintaining and attracting customers. Without a strong, in-vogue “hook” on your side or the staying power of classical styles, your build will fail to reach its full potential.

At Miller Architects & Builders, our architectural design services are phenomenal at striking a balance of both. Just check out our work!

Below, we’ll let you in on a few trade secrets about how to find your build’s ideal equilibrium.

Understand That Trends May Lack Staying Power

While trends are an irreplaceable tool for attracting customers, they’re called “trends” for a reason – their popularity may fade over time.

Understanding this is key to using their powers responsibly, which tends to mean in minor accents or facets of your build that you intend to replace in the future, like landscaping. You may also choose to sprinkle them in when it comes to your furniture.

Of course, the right level of trend usage will depend on your build’s purpose and your industry, so keep that in mind when you consult with your construction project management company.

Viewing Your Build as an Investment

While getting your new build should be exciting, it’s not the same as, say, indulging in the trendiest new brand of jeans – it’s an investment in your company’s future.

It can be tempting to go wild with what’s in vogue, but know that this is a purchase that should be both functional and attractive style-wise for what may be the rest of your business’s life. Choose your architectural design wisely.

Functionality Comes Before – or With – Trends

First and foremost, your architect should design for a functional space that caters to the way your business operates. If the right trends facilitate that, wonderful. But if they don’t, the architect should find a system that will.

Your new build will be made to be both physically appealing and fantastically functional, and one should never come at the expense of the other.

Learn more about the ideal, balanced approach in our architectural design blog, “Is Traditional or Forward-Thinking Architectural Design Better?”

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