Sustainable building isn’t just achieved via the use of sustainable materials during the commercial construction phase. The work your architect does plays a huge role, too. Green buildings make a positive impact on the environment long after they’re erected, allowing your business to save both money and the environment through intelligent architectural design.

As you can imagine, a green design must have a fair share of specifics, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for style! Below, Miller Architects & Builders, your Saint Cloud provider of architectural design services, discusses what a building concept needs to be considered “green.”

From Concept to Execution: Working Towards Sustainability

To be green is to be environmentally friendly – to be working towards sustainability. Sustainability is leaving the planet in the same or better condition than you found it.

It’s a broad concept, and architecture is a broad field, so there are plenty of ways to be green.

Well-Insulated Buildings

Architecture isn’t all about aesthetics. It also deals in more practical matters, such as your building’s envelope (the structure and factors that keep indoor and outdoor air separate). Architects who practice their craft in a green way stay on the cutting edge of the insulation field to ensure that you spend less energy heating your building, thus cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Green architects usually select double-pane and up windows. These have no effect on how much natural light is let into a build, but they do wonders for a build’s insulator properties, thanks to the buffering layer of gas in between the panes.

Natural Light

Of course, energy-efficient lighting is awesome, but what if you didn’t need to spend any energy at all to illuminate your build? Enter large windows that let sunlight do most of the work. They’re a favorite of green architects everywhere.

Size-Efficient Design

It still costs energy to heat and cool a space that your business never uses. Green architects work hard to understand the needs of their clients and to design a space that’s right for your needs now and in the near future – no more and no less.

Miller Architects & Builders: Experts in Sustainable Design

From architectural design to post-construction, we give you the green team you need for an eco-responsible build. For the kind of service you’d expect from a centuries-old yet forward-thinking company, give our Saint Cloud office a call at 320-251-4109.