Healthcare: the need for it will never be completely eliminated, even as medical technology advances. By proxy, there will always be a need for intelligently designed healthcare facilities that make patients feel warmly welcomed and safe. However, mastering the architectural design of these facilities is no easy feat. The building’s environment must be kept clean and medical, yet efficient, but also carry a certain welcoming air in the appropriate parts, such as the lobby. It must provide storage room for all sorts of medical equipment, yet it also must provide ample room for the patients themselves. It’s not easy being an architect!

At Miller Architects & Builders, we’ve mastered architectural design services for healthcare facilities, and we’d be glad to work with you to create something that exceeds your expectations. Below, we’ll talk a bit about how we work to do this: by designing our healthcare facilities with a few important features in mind.

Innovation Is Important, But So Are The Basics

When it comes to both commercial construction and architectural design, there’s a place for innovation and a place for adherence to the basics. Design with innovation ungrounded in conventionality ceases to become functional. In plainer terms: such a design would be gorgeous and novel, but it would omit the basic things your healthcare facility would need to function, such as a triage area.

At Miller Architects and Builders, we pride ourselves on our innovative spirit, but we never forget the architectural design features that your healthcare facility depends on, such as:

1.      Smartly placed hallways | More than a simple way for your staff to get from point A to point B, the design and length of your healthcare facility’s hallways can mean the difference between life and death for a patient. We design your hallway spaces with this in mind. We also remain conscientious of the purpose of the rooms surrounding these hallway spaces, and how many people would pass through these areas at a time.

2.      Bathrooms | Yes, bathrooms! And we don’t just mean in-patient rooms; your staff needs them too. Adequate bathrooms help ensure worker comfort and efficiency, as they eliminate any long treks from one side of the facility to the other.

3.      Natural light | Many people can anecdotally attest to the healing properties of natural light. Properly and appropriately placed windows can create a soothing environment in your medical facility, while also cutting down on your lighting bills in certain seasons.

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