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Construction Design

Is Architectural Design an Art or a Science?

Architects and those who work in architectural design services must ride a fine line between the arts and hard sciences.

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Why Upgrade Your Office Space?

Architectural design services and commercial construction firms both can help your business’s office space rise above the rest.

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The Role of Planning in Construction Management Services

Good commercial construction project management firms and commercial contractors know the importance of planning in this industry cannot be understated.

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Why Make Use of Natural Light in Architectural Design?

Commercial contractors and architectural design services alike know well the power of natural lighting. Learn more about the importance of natural light in a commercial building.

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What it Takes to Work in the Construction Management Industry

Commercial contractors and architects like those at Miller often work with construction managers. Learn a little about this occupation here.

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What Makes a Successful Construction Project?

Commercial construction and construction project management often succeed or fail due to one crucial factor. Learn how here.

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5 Elements of the Construction Design and Planning Process

A smooth construction process hinges on several key elements. Many people and entities aren’t sure exactly what is involved in the construction design and planning process. We’re here to help clear up any confusion.

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