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The Basics of Conceptual Cost Estimating

Before we start any construction project or even come up with the design, we need to know much more about the specific project.

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Services Offered by CM at Risk

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) is an alternative approach to the delivery of a construction project. The CM at-risk construction delivery method has been found to be a cost-effective solution design-bid-build process in a number of ways.

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4 Steps To Planning A Successful Building Project

Pre-construction preparation may seem like a waste of time for some constructors. However, in order to produce a quality, functional product, the pre-construction phase becomes the most important part of the project.

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How Miller Architects & Builders Addresses the Needs of Municipalities

As a company that encompasses both the build and architectural facets of a construction project, Miller Architects & Builders is in a valuable position to address the unique needs of municipalities of all sizes.

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