Natural light is a part of everyday life that may often go unnoticed. Similar to other necessities, we start to appreciate them when they’re gone. As you continue reading, you’ll see the benefits of incorporating more natural light into your workspace; to help avoid the Mid-West winter blues, increase productivity, and save big on your electric bills.

Improve Your Health

Surprisingly, incorporating more natural light in the office can offer an array of health benefits to employees. Our skin creates healthy levels of Vitamin D when exposed to full spectrum sunlight – specifically, Ultraviolet B. However, when deprived of natural light we can develop symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Allowing more light into the workspace has been shown to help reduce symptoms – so it’s important to get a healthy daily dose of sun during the shorter days of winter.

Accomplish More

Numerous studies have linked an increase in employee productivity and a decrease in absenteeism to natural light exposure. Employees exposed to more natural light showed an increase in hours of operation and an increase in sales volume. In fact, the California Energy Commission shows a 40% increase in sales volume in retail outlets with natural light exposure. The National Institute Of Health also notes that exposure to natural lighting can reduce sick days by roughly 6.5%.

Save Money Sustainably   

The age old concept of turning off the lights to save on the electric bill does wonders when applied to a larger scale. A company using sunlight in combination with Daylight Sensing Overhead Lights can see savings on energy costs by a whopping 20 – 60% – scoring you LEED points while helping the environment along the way.

Give it a Shot!

Natural lighting can benefit your office, health, and carbon footprint. If you’d like to get the most out of the ultraviolet spectrum, be sure to contact our professional design team and see how Miller’s LEED Architects can cut costs. We’d be happy to provide you with brighter design ideas, and expertise to pull them off.