Are you designing a new dental office? If so, have you considered the importance of functionality when your practice expands? Miller Architects & Builders has the experience needed to help in this area of dental office design.

Commonly Overlooked Scenarios of Growth and Dental Office Design

Dentists oftentimes fail to take into consideration several factors of growth when planning out a new office. For example, as your business practice grows you’ll need to hire on more dentists. With more dentists comes more operatories and without sufficient room for all personnel your office will be congested and uncomfortable. Patients that feel confined will be unlikely to return for multiple visits and your business will suffer greatly.

Have You Taken Into Consideration Room for New Technology and Equipment?

As technology advances, new equipment that is more effective and accurate will be developed. Having the ability to use this new equipment to perform the needed tasks like x-rays, drilling and other forms of dental care is essential to keeping up with the competition and times. If your dental office isn’t designed correctly, you won’t have the necessary space to bring in new equipment and keep the old while your staff is being trained on the new.

Storage is Also Essential to Consider When Designing a Dental Office

As your office grows and your patient base grows, your need for storage will increase. Sterilization equipment, dental tools and clean up supplies all need adequate storage to keep things organized and easily accessible. If growth isn’t taken into consideration when designing your dental office you’ll likely windup with insufficient space to store the needed supplies and windup with rooms that are messy, jammed packed and short in supply. Storage, like all areas of a dental office, is integral to efficiency and needs to be considered carefully prior to planning and building. Growth can happen at a very rapid rate and the dental offices that are designed improperly will fail to meet the standards of patients and never reach the highest level of potential.

Keeping Dental Office Growth Design Professional

As your office grows, it’s important that the atmosphere is kept professional. Professionalism is easily denoted by efficiency, cleanliness and quality equipment as well as a well-designed work area. Patients can easily see when an office is growing beyond its means of capacity. Planning ahead during design will allow your team to work with maximum effectiveness and efficiency while the office grows in productivity.

The Bottom Line When Planning a Dental Office Design for Growth

You’ll be able to better plan your office with the help of a professional team like Miller Architects and Builders. The specialized knowledge required to plan an efficient dental office that flows with growth is acquired through practice, education and skill. Our team has the knowledge to help you create an excellent dental office design that incorporates growth and keeps your business running smoothly at all times. A well designed floor plan can be the difference between a offices success or failure.