Sustainability is not just a topic of discussion, but something we practice every day. Green building aligns with our values of providing clients with the best possible results for their projects and the environment. Miller Architects & leedBuilders actively participates in United States Green Building Council programs and has a LEED Certified employee. Not every project can achieve LEED certification, but even small choices can make meaningful differences when lessening a building’s environmental footprint. We employ sustainable products and practices throughout the construction process on a scale that conforms to your green-building goals.

Miller has always investigated and implemented the most energy efficient and cost-effective solutions in terms of materials and building systems. We strive to take advantage of the latest technologies with respect to their availability, efficiency, long-term use, and reuse.

  • Site Orientation (where possible)
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Rain Gardens for Storm Water Filtration
  • Energy Star™ windows, appliances, furnaces
  • Energy Star™ lighting
  • Digital control for mechanical and electrical systems
  • Low V.O.C. paints and adhesives
  • Post-consumer content carpets and sheet goods flooring
  • Low-emissivity coatings for heat and light transmission in glazing
  • Formaldehyde-free insulation and wood products
  • On-site sorted recycling of construction material debris
  • Reduced Water Consumption & Cost
  • Optimize HVAC & Energy Performance
  • Improved Building Environment & Quality
  • Use of Post Consumer products (Recycled Materials)
  • LEED Certified Facilities