Senior living facilities are buildings that deserve the utmost care and innovation in both design and construction. There are many different ways to think about specific features that need to be incorporated into the design of these facilities. You must provide a comfortable living situation for the residents while keeping in mind the new technologies and innovations that can make these buildings more modern. Looking at some of the trends in the industry can help architects design a building that provides all the amenities needed for the residents, visitors, and staff in a senior living facility. At Miller Architects and Builders, we are committed to delivering the highest quality design and construction services and we are dedicated to delivering the experience our clients deserve. Here are some trends to follow in senior living facility design:


Community Spaces

Fostering a sense of community in senior living facilities can help the residents in multiple facets. First, this will help to encourage engagement between the residents themselves. Having room for group activities, a place to socialize, and a place to have family and friends visit can really help to make the facility feel like home. It also creates an atmosphere that allows for more socialization, which is always a great way to create stronger relationships between residents. A popular trend for 2016 is to offer residents more than one community space to use. These types of spaces can range anywhere from outdoor gardens to indoor game/activity rooms. The key is to find the spaces that will fit best with your residents and give them the opportunity to make those spaces their own.

Value in Customization

Allowing your residents the freedom to customize as much of their experience as possible will help to make sure that each tenant gets the service and attention they deserve. For example, some residents in assisted living centers could benefit more from in-room cooking and dining services. Other residents may prefer a cafeteria experience rather than dining in their room. Providing residents with the option of both these experiences will make them feel like their specific needs are being met.

Adaptable Designs

Finally, designing a building that is adaptable and creative in both the type and the number of rooms available will help to make sure the building needs the smallest amount of renovations as possible. Residents in senior living facilities will have a much better experience in a building that is not constantly under renovation. This creates an inconvenience for the residents, visitors, and staff because it forces them to have to move around when parts of the facility are unavailable. Using sustainable practices and creating a variety of rooms in the facility will help everyone feel more comfortable in the long run.


Make it Fun!

Senior living facilities do not have to be boring or bland. Build with the most modern techniques and create a modern building for everyone to enjoy. Use interesting colors in rooms, provide TV and music subscriptions, and anything to make your facility an enjoyable experience!

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