Trends in church and worship architecture have evolved quite a bit over time. Among the first churches that were built hundreds (if not thousands) of years ago, the name of the game was size, stability, and majesty. Think grandeur and gargoyles: Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey, and St. Peter’s Basilica, for example. With the change of culture in the 21st century, churches have become more modern and urbanized, unlike the giant stone buildings of the past.

Simple and Urbanized

Many churches are becoming more urbanized and simple. This is mainly because the cost of building churches has gone up and budgets have become tight; churches with higher budgets have decided to put more money into other aspects, like technology. Keeping the design simple also makes it more appealing to the casual churchgoer. Churches are becoming more urbanized in order to become more connected with their congregation and community. This also encourages millennials to attend.



Implementing Technology

Technology is a huge aspect of the architecture in churches today. The worship portion of the service relies heavily on technology. Many modern churches are equipped with lighting, audio, and video systems. Some are even implementing screens for the congregation to follow along with worship songs and programs. Being connected to the virtual world enhances the experience for many.


Creating A Community

Churches have begun to include coffee shops, gathering spaces, bookstores, gyms, and fitness centers. Including these features within the church creates a community among its members and encourages them to meet one another and create friendships. Having community beyond home and the workplace is very beneficial to its members.

Going Green

Churches have begun to implement more efficient energy programs in their facilities. Some ways churches have done this is by using local materials and natural lighting to reduce the use of energy. At Miller Architects and Builders, sustainability is something we practice every day, and churches are no different.

Design trends change over time. When it comes to churches, medieval monsters are being replaced by sleek, modern designs. At Miller, we have a complete team of designers, architects, and builders that are able to create modern, tech-savvy, green buildings that are built to last. Contact us to learn more.