At Miller Architects & Builders we are committed to the design/build process for the delivery of construction projects across the upper Midwest. This commitment has allowed us to develop a team of professionals that work well together with great communication, estimating and scheduling skills and a passion to never settle providing our clients with projects of great design that exceed their expectations.

With a 40 year career as either a contractor or owner, I have found that the superior method to purchase or deliver design and construction services is the design/build process.  Here are some of the advantages I have found with the design/build process:

The Right Team
As a first step in the design/build process the owner has the opportunity to select the project team based on qualifications, capabilities, experience and price, avoiding the problems that low price, lump sum bidding can have.

Single Source Responsibility
With the design/build process the responsibility for all aspects of a project rest with one company.  In the design-bid-build scenario the owner, who hired the architect, is responsible for the adequacy of design which can lead to a lot of finger pointing.  With one company responsible for all aspects of a project fewer change orders are incurred as the team works to deliver the anticipated project.

Owner’s Control
At Miller Architects & Builders we develop a strategic plan for each project providing the owner with periodic review and approval points.  We do not proceed to the next step without the owner approving the design, budget, and schedule.  The owner can focus on design decisions that enable the team to move forward.

Save Time
Teamwork reduces rework and redesign.  Fast track project management allows the team to overlap design and construction activities.  Site work can begin while the interior design is being completed.  Bidding and buy-out packages can be released in smaller increments as design work progresses.  A quicker process can bring your project to market faster.

Save Money
In a design-bid-build scenario subcontractors and suppliers do not get involved until the plans are complete.  By then it is too, or very costly, to incorporate any cost saving ideas they may have.  As a part of the design/build team, they can provide input early in the process at no additional costs to the project improving the net savings to the project.

Great Design
With a team of professionals working together delivering the above advantages, the result will be projects of great design.  While architectural design is highly subjective, the owner will have a sense of significant accomplishment when the project is complete and ready for use.

Steve Hage is a Development Consultant with Miller Architects & Builders. With forty years of experience as both an owner and contractor Steve has been responsible for the negotiated construction of over 25,000,000 square feet of retail, office, industrial, hospitality and multi-family projects across the United States of America. With a commitment to never settle, the results are award winning design providing outstanding value for all stakeholders. 320.251.4109 | 320.249.0873 c PO Box 1228 | St. Cloud, MN | 56302