You may feel like your smartphone is attached at your hip. However, that’s not always a bad thing.

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly valuable tools on the job site, and the construction industry has taken notice. Try one of these apps to enhance your productivity in the work environment:

For Project Management

Apps can help you keep track of the costs and scheduling that comes with multiple jobs at multiple job sites. A popular option is E-Builder Mobile, available on the App Store and Google Play. E-Builder is a construction management software that lets you access documents and data and reduce paperwork, including a workflow manager and real-time business intelligence reporting, across multiple platforms.

Other popular apps for this purpose include Bluebeam, FieldWire, Procore, and PlanGrid.

For Reporting

Could the right app save you 60 minutes a day? Raken claims it can, allowing you to collect subcontractor reports through their app instead of shuffling through paper copies or spreadsheets.

Canvas is a free, similar option that lets you create mobile forms, collect payments, track your team via GPS and even scan barcodes for inventory.


For Cost Management

If you need to cut costs, the little things add up. Apps can help you be mindful of spending. Like GasBuddy, which has a iPhone, Android and Windows app to help find the cheapest, closest fuel wherever you are. It also has a handy forecasting feature to help plan the best time to buy.

Another cost-friendly app is Timesheet mobile, which lets workers punch in and out from geo-fenced “work zones.” That feature minimizes early or inaccurate punching, potentially saving employers thousands in the process.


For Mapping

Topographic data can be just a click away. Fire up apps Drone Deploy, Skycatch  or Precision Flight to fly drones over your construction site for in-depth mapping, photo modeling or thermal imaging, respectively.


At Miller Architects, time management, planning, and coordination are vital parts of each construction project. has a full list of tried-and-true apps gaining popularity on the job site. Or visit our website for more information on our approach.