Winter is here, and that means many of us in the midwest are staying inside as much as possible to stay warm. By this time of year, many people are getting stir crazy and are constantly bottling up extra energy from being stuck inside for months at a time. The best way to avoid restlessness and break free from the impulse to bounce off the walls (especially for kids) is by taking part in fun indoor activities. These activities can break up a long school day, help you stay fit during the winter months, and create fun memories with friends. If you’re looking to beef up your building to promote indoor fun, an indoor gym is a perfect way to do it. Check out these 5 fun indoor activities you can enjoy all year long in an indoor gym:

  1. An Obstacle Course: This will not only get your body active but also will exercise your mind through strategic thinking. To get started, map out the course across the gym. These obstacles should encourage the participants to think strategically through each step.

  1. Dodgeball: No matter the age, you can’t go wrong with dodgeball. There are so many variations to the game that will get everyone involved and working together as a team.

  1. Capture the Flag: Capture the flag is all about strategy. It gets your feet moving, heart racing, and mind thinking. It can be a fun afternoon with kids or an end of the week office extravaganza to raise morale, promote team building, and compete for bragging rights.

  1. Tag: No one is ever too old to play a friendly game of tag! All you need is a few people and a large space to chase each other around. Like dodgeball, there are a variety of different variations to this game including color tag and freeze tag.

  1. Freeze Dance: This is one of the easiest games to play. All participants stand on the dance floor. When the music begins, everyone begins to dance. When the music is stopped at random times, the participants must freeze. Anyone still moving is out. The last participant standing wins. All you need is a large space and some fun dance songs.

There are so many great things to do in an open gym space. Adding one to your school, church or another facility can give kids and adults alike a great place to play during the cold winter months. Learn more about how we can help you bring these ideas to life by adding a gym to your space!