4 Ways to Create

A recent article from The Center for Green Schools explained how school buildings have a remarkable effect on how students learn and teachers teach. The layout of a classroom can have an enormous effect on the way students see, feel, think and learn. Implementing certain factors in the classroom environment and layout is crucial to overall student success.

Good Acoustics Are Fundamental to Learning

Background noise makes it very difficult for students to learn and focus. Some rooms tend to create more noise than others as a result of echoes, thus making it more difficult to understand what is being taught. You can create a better listening environment by:

  • Placing rugs in the room
  • Replacing noisy light fixtures
  • Hanging soft materials around the room


Classroom Lighting

Poor lighting in the classroom can affect a child’s ability to learn. Studies have shown students in environments with natural lighting demonstrate better work habits, improved academic performance, and overall health. You can implement natural lighting into classrooms by using skylights, placing windows to capture daylight or strategically placing light bulbs to mimic daylight.

Add Color to the Wallsclassroom-521054_640

Dressing up the walls to make them more interesting is a must in a classroom. These decorations should be relevant and rotated often. Items you can add to make the classroom more interesting could be:

  • Cultural background of students
  • Student work (drawings, projects, etc.)
  • Daily schedules
  • Class rules and routines

Add Plants

Caring for plants gives children responsibility and makes the classroom feel more like home. You can use plants as a science experiment or even have children care for the plants by making sure they are given water, sunlight, and oxygen.

There are many things that you can implement to create a better classroom environment. Some of these ideas can and will result in better academic performance and success. Find out how Miller Architects and Builders can help bring these ideas to life on your next construction project.